Sighting for June 19, 2018

Brant Reif

Several stops along the Talimena Scenic Drive in the Ouachita National Forest
Polk County, AR

The morning started off rather overcast and drizzling. My son and I started off on the Oklahoma side of the scenic drive which took us up into the clouds. By noon it had cleared up a bit and we found patches of Monarda on the sides of the Arkansas section of the road. That was where the butterfly activity was at! It was my first time seeing the Diana Fritillary. The males were a bit worn but the lone female was rather fresh and spectacular to see. I also saw several unidentified skippers. I’m fairly certain that I saw the Funereal Duskywing as I’m not aware of another skipper in the area that has that bright white fringe on the hind wing.

  • Pipevine Swallowtail
  • Spicebush Swallowtail
  • Dainty Sulphur 1
  • Gray Hairstreak
  • 'Summer' Spring Azure
  • Diana Fritillary 4
  • Great Spangled Fritillary 5
  • Pearl Crescent
  • American Lady
  • Common Buckeye
  • Red-spotted Purple
  • Northern Pearly-eye
  • Little Wood-Satyr
  • Common Wood-Nymph 1
  • Silver-spotted Skipper