Sighting for June 9, 2018

Mark and Holly Salvato

Saint Lucia Preserve, Carmel
Monterey County, CA

With Paul Johnson, Megan Gnekow and Christy Wyckoff on their portion of the Monterey NABA count.

Here we just report the species Holly and I observed.

The Dotted Blue observed was the federally endangered Smith’s Blue.

  • Western Tiger Swallowtail
  • Pale Swallowtail
  • Great Copper
  • Dotted Blue 1
  • Acmon Blue
  • Coronis Fritillary
  • Callippe Fritillary
  • Mylitta Crescent
  • Variable Checkerspot
  • American Lady
  • West Coast Lady
  • Lorquin's Admiral
  • California Sister
  • Common Ringlet
  • Common Wood-Nymph
  • Mournful Duskywing
  • Fiery Skipper
  • Rural Skipper

Dotted Blue

Common Ringlet

Callippe Fritillary