Sighting for May 5, 2020

Venice Kelly

farrell dr. 2 miles west of pinecliffe 8,200' elevation
Fremont County, CO

another windy day but with sun and 55F. the creek along this trail is now running well and a few flowers are blooming. i was very excited to find the Satyr Comma. they are rare here, but have been sighted on this trail in the past. the spring azure and the Sara Orangetip are the first this season.

  • Sara Orangetip 1
  • Hoary Elfin 1
  • Spring Azure 1
  • Satyr Comma 1
  • Green Comma 1
  • Hoary Comma 5
  • Mourning Cloak 1
  • Painted Lady 6

Spring Azure

Satyr Comma

Painted Lady