Sighting for October 17, 2015

Jim Egbert

Moundville Historic Site,Moundville,and Union Chapel Rd at Hwy 69 in North Port
Hale County, AL

Much colder morning with a strong North wind. Isabella and I started out about 9am and it was cold We checked on some sites that had been productive the day before and found nothing. While look for some activity we found that we had made our way down to Moundville,to south of Tuscaloosa.The site is very good example of a village where earthen mounds where build by native Americans to cope with the frequent flooding of the Black Warrior River. The mounds and the bordering forest provided us a good wind break where we hoped to have some sightings. As the day before my grand daughter did the recording as we explored the historic location.

  • Orange Sulphur 1
  • Little Yellow 2
  • Sleepy Orange 1
  • Red-banded Hairstreak 1
  • Gulf Fritillary 4
  • Variegated Fritillary 1
  • Pearl Crescent 4
  • Common Buckeye 7
  • Viceroy 1
  • Carolina Satyr 10+
  • Common Checkered-Skipper 4
  • Clouded Skipper 1
  • Fiery Skipper 3
  • Ocola Skipper 2